…and I’m back!

Hello People!

Just another short post to say I’m back from my week-long trip to Pune and Bombay. It was a great trip although I now feel like I need to take another holiday to get over this one…you know what I mean?!

Have come back to a very busy time since my helper Pushpa is away on her own break with her family and will be back (fingers crossed!!) after a month. So it’s Ishaan & I for the next 4 weeks, and please don’t hate me when I say that scares the ‘you-know-what’ out of me!! Channeling all the positive energy I can and hoping for the best – that’s my strategy for the moment!

Still, we had a fabulous time and Ishaan was his best toddler-self for the most part – bright, happy and darling 🙂 Will post trip details just as soon as I can get organized and establish a semblance of routine. Ishaan starts school on Monday and that should allow me time away from feeding, playing and general supervision! He’s pretty clingy right now, with Pushpa away and had a good long howl when hubby left for work…sigh…that’s pretty much the pattern of my days to come, I see.

So that’s it for now…and I’ll be back soon 🙂

Missed writing more than I thought I would. It really is the best therapy 🙂

Here’s a shot from our trip…hope you like!


The Star of our trip 🙂