NaPoWriMo – Day 14

Am playing catch up!

On recent travels, I passed this grove of what I assume are young Teak saplings. Teak is a highly prized wood here in the East – it is hardy, resistant to termites and water, and furniture made from it usually outlasts its owners 😉 And so of course, we’ve run through most of the old plantations and now have to plant new ones so future generations are not bereft of this beautiful wood! Isn’t that just so typically human! Our greed truly is the stuff of legend 😦

The grove was rather dense and although it was just off the road, the illusion was one of seclusion and reserve. Shards of sunlight danced around the leaves and bounced of the white bark in green-yellow-white flashes of unexpected color. There was just something about that scene that was magical – that reminded me of an ancient forest, of Fangorn from LOTR – a place of wisdom, strength and endurance; and a keeper of Secrets 🙂  

For isn’t that what our Forests are – keepers of Secrets and vessels of wisdom? Who knows what magic awaits discovery on a day spent wandering in Mother Mature’s treasure trove?