Week 1: Revitalize

The first week of the New Year and the theme was Revitalize. Understandably so. That’s what New Years are for aren’t they – for new beginnings and fresh starts. For me personally, this time of year is charged with positive vibes and energy! Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that New Year’s Day is also our Anniversary 😛

This year, we were in Goa, bringing in the New Year at Calamari, my friend’s fantabulous shack on Candolim Beach – replete with twinkling lights, great music, delicious food, free-flowing alcohol, fireworks and most importantly – the company of beloved friends 🙂 We had a wonderful time and I for one definitely felt recharged and revitalised to face 2014. Mojitos are a favourite of mine and that’s what I drank that night (I can’t share how many simply coz I can’t remember 😉 I wasn’t driving though!). They always refresh me and so when the theme was announced, and I happened to have a fresh bunch of mint in the kitchen – it seemed like the perfect match!

Don’t you think?

Week 1 - Revitalize

I used my 50 mm lens on my Nikon D 90. A lens that I have regrettably not used at all in 2013 😦 Thanks to this Challenge, I’ve rediscovered it and now I can’t get enough! 

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