Scream for helpLife is crazy these days and will stay that way for a while.

Adjusting to Goa is no easy task! Her natural beauty does not quite make up for her lack of infrastructure and the lackadaisical ways of her service class! If you ever need a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, a mason, a gardener or any other help (trust me you will!), you’ve had it! You may as well begin to pray for a miracle, ‘coz that’s what it will take; First – to find any of the above with basic skills, second – to get them to do their job and third – to get them to answer their phone when the said job has gone horribly wrong and they have conveniently disappeared from your life, leaving you with a considerably lighter pocket and a terribly heavy head!!

These are things, Goans however, seem to take in their stride! When I say Goans, I mean people who have stayed here forever and those who having moved here from Metros with excellent services, still don’t seem to have a problem adjusting to the inefficiency and waywardness! I of course, as you have by now guessed, do not belong to either category although I am born into the former category – my family has lived in Goa forever and in their eyes, their beloved Goa is ‘Heaven on earth’ – you get the drift!

So at the moment am stuck  and stuck badly between several workmen and their various inefficiencies, all in the name of settling down. The washing machine is fixed but there’s a problem with its drainage; can’t find a carpenter to come hang pictures and do other odd jobs and am still waiting for an electrician who promised to be here…never mind!!

What I need are some therapeutics! Music to calm my buzzing brain, a lazy Sunday afternoon siesta, an uninterrupted chance to read, have my morning cuppa; actually a chance to do anything uninterrupted, by shouts of “Oh God! Look what he’s done now!”, which generally means, Ishaan has had a pee-pee accident or something more serious!

What I need is help – efficient help. Someone, somewhere, please, send me some HELP!!!!

2 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. Hi, I can empathise with you. We are in the south and have been facing the same issues. If you do need a good electrician, let me know. After about 2 years, we have managed to find someone who atleast comes when he says he will. Cheers

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your offer. Might have to take you up on it in the future! Our electrician turned up today and actually did a good job! Momentary respite from the chaos.

      Read from your blog, that your in Curtorim and renovating an old Goan home? Your a brave man! Best of Luck and wishing you many more episodes of ‘unsupervised excellence’!

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