Monkton Mondays!

It’s been a mixed weekend. Spent the first half of International Women’s Day in School at the PTM with Junior. All was well except that I was down with one of those inexplicable attacks of the common cold – you know the ones where you were perfectly fine the day before (or so you thought!) but woke up to a hundred sneezes? Yup! That’s the one! Well, Mom had to be on duty, cold or no cold, predictably; and so she was, again – predictably. Dad was…lets just not go there shall we? Wouldn’t want to begin the first post for the week with a rant against husbands. So passé n’est pas?!

Junior has found his footing in school, more or less. He’s happy to go, happy to learn and generally happy for the most part 🙂 Fingers crossed for Grade 1 in August! The second half of Saturday I spent ‘zonked out’ in bed. There is no better term to describe it, I promise! It was the sleep of the afflicted and it was restorative to say the least. Woke for an hour around dinnertime, when Hubby redeemed himself a tad by taking the Munchkin and himself out to dinner and bringing me back some Pepperoni Pizza. And before you jump down my throat saying Pizza is not appropriate nutrition for the afflicted; let me jump right down yours and say IT IS 😛 Proof lies in the fact that I felt much recovered on Sunday and was able to attend my first Sunday Soul Sante – a Bangalore institution of sorts I imagine, a fiesta of arts & crafts supplemented with the requisite food stalls, fashion show and live music 😀 The traffic was killing but luckily the venue was practically in our backyard, and I had fun wandering around with Junior, discovering little treasures, for an hour or so. That’s my limit in a crowd that size…longer is unthinkable!

I don’t know whether this is a part of growing older too (so much of what I feel and experience seems to be), but routine weekdays are now ‘easier’ than planning weekends 😛 This morning for example, I must confess to feeling a disproportionate elation on the arrival of Monday 😉 Perhaps the fact that I look forward to writing this post and a new theme in my Photgraphy Challenge has a little something to do with? Possibly…whatever the reasons, it feels good to be alone, in a silent house and able to write; able to think. Also I’m happy to report the number of sneezes is down to 10 🙂 and that I have finished my latest Julian Barnes book, Levels of Life, which has reinforced my love of his writing manyfold. He writes about grief (don’t they all?!), but he weaves magic with his insight into ‘grief’ and ‘the mourning process’ as he sees it, so that in the end it doesn’t leave me feeling as depressed as I expected it would. As always he tells not a conventional story – that is not his way – this reads more like a philosophical essay perhaps – I’m unsure of where and how to slot it, which for me is part of its allure.

Through ballooning and photography, and the journeys of three fascinating real-life characters (completely and utterly unknown to me), who are ‘put together’ and ‘torn apart again’, he explores the mysteries of the human heart and mind and weaves his way to the story of his own grief, his own journey, his own process. All this is in 118 pages! Along the way, he taught me a few new words too, ‘divagations’, ‘recidivism’, ‘solipsism’…words that I had to look up and that are now happily a part of my consciousness. Every thought he offers, every feeling he feels, felt real and resonated with forceful impact, no doubt because of the loss of my own brother 5 years ago. I identify on a gut level where he’s coming from. No explanations required. Needless to say I’m in complete agreement with one of the judges who awarded him the 2011 Man Booker Prize, who called him ‘an unparalleled magus of the heart’. I don’t know of a better way to describe his writing 🙂

And so to Mr. Monkton – I must confess I’d almost forgotten him in my Barnes soliloquy 😛 but not quite! What with Women’s Day (although everyday is Women’s Day in my book!), and finishing this book which may be obviously about grief but is just as obviously about love, I think this thought of Mr. Monkton says it all. I’ve always thought that we women never do as good a job of loving ourselves and other women as much as we do with the men and children in our lives. And I firmly believe that’s it’s the only way forward! So here’s to self-love without which I believe there can be no form of lasting love at all.


Love Yourself People! You’re WORTH it! 

And then…Pass it On 🙂

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Monkton Mondays!

  1. Yowzers, you just can’t win with the colds lately! But then all my friends with little ones seem to fight colds far more frequently than I do. Little harbingers of sneezes they are 😉 Glad you had a good sleep followed by some good pizza. When you’re feeling ill enough to sleep away most of a day, probably any food is better than the nothing consumed while sleeping. Though I must confess I am again amused that you had a food of American institution. Would you be slightly amused to read of an a girl in the American midwest who makes curry for comfort food? Ahh, probably not, because it *is* such comfort food (and I have made it for a friend when she was sick before!).
    You’re doing far better at reading and blogging than I am. A+ to you – or a gold star. You can pick 😉 I’m reading “Lucifer’s Hammer” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. It’s an end of the world book thanks to multiple strikes from a comet. Pretty good so far, but things haven’t officially gone off the edge, so we’ll see if I can stick with it when things really get ugly. I have a hard time with stories that wallow in things, even if they’re well done. There’s just too much of it in the real world. I want my entertainment to be escapism, I suppose 🙂
    Enjoy your Monday. Before you know it, it’ll be Wednesday, and then you’ll be planning for another weekend!

  2. Curry huh?! Well, comfort food is by definition food that brings comfort, so why limit it to things like soup I say 😉 More power to Pizza & Curry! I wonder whether our choices have anything to do with the fact that these are both foods alien to our cultures, in a manner of speaking, and therefore represent the exotique? And does that mean that we are comforted somehow by the exotic?! Ok will stop now before you reach out and throttle me through the screen 😛

    Escapism is great! Me loves too! Although…multiple strikes by a comet…how does earth survive even in fantasy?! Have started the 6th book in the Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley. Thought it was time to bring back the fun in reading 😛

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