Take52 Challenge: Week 7 – Cherish

This week, the theme for our photography challenge was ‘Cherish’. These themes are tricky things…they can be obviously simple and singularly complex at the same time. It did get me to thinking along the lines of what I cherish and Family, friends, love, happiness, memories, mementoes etc, come instantly to mind. And although I have  enough and more pictures of family, once again I wanted to tickle my ‘little grey cells’ (I’m inhabiting the Hercule Poirot universe at the moment, in case you should wonder!), and see if I couldn’t come up with a creative way of presenting abstract emotions.

This is what I thought of…although not unique, in that Google has similarly-styled pictures, I had a lot of fun getting the paraphernalia together, setting up my equipment and clicking away 🙂 It helped that Hubby and Junior were sent off to dinner at KFC 😉 Oh don’t go getting all judgmental – fast food once a month for dinner never hurt a soul! And Art involves occasional sacrifice non 😉 Well anyway, I spent a happy hour climbing ladders and focusing and playing with the lighting until the boys came home. It’s been a long while since I had such a good time and I must say at the moment this challenge itself is something that I cherish because it has rekindled my motivation for photography, and introduced me to a group of talented, supportive fellow photography enthusiasts who are helping me learn the craft through their considerable skills.

I feel good 🙂 

So here are a few pictures I pulled up as I always do…

And here is the one I chose for the challenge 🙂


The weekend’s round the corner…

Peace, People 🙂

14 thoughts on “Take52 Challenge: Week 7 – Cherish

  1. My favorites are are undoubtedly the ones with people. They show such love. I especially love Grandma and Junior.
    And now that I know your peace sign is for a “cherish” challenge, I love it so much more! Such a creative and fantastic idea – and very outside the box 🙂 I like that you’re enjoying the camera again. Sometimes rekindling old pastimes is so much fun!
    And now for my American Ignorance moment: KFC? I knew McDonald’s were everywhere, but KFC? And are there any Indian fast food places that are large franchises? And if so, why isn’t there one near me?? Do you know that in this foodie town that I almost live in and that gets written up in all kinds of publications for being a foodie destination does not have a single Indian eatery? We have a place that offers some Middle Eastern cuisine, but it’s not the same. And no good Korean options, either. Okay, jealous food rant moment over 😉

    1. Thank you Heather 😀 It really is nice to be clicking again! That is my all time favourite too. It isn’t the best picture – very grainy which is why I converted into B&W (which I love anyway!)…but it truly was a ‘moment’. Nothing posed 🙂

      We have everything from the US of A here 😀 The Big M of course is getting to be ubiquitous although I’m not too fond of their stuff except for the Fries 😉 We have Krispy Kreme, TacoBell, Nando’s, KFC, Subway…I wonder when A & W will get here 😛 A Foodie town with no Indian? That’s not much of a ‘Foodie’ town then is it?! But seriously it might be because you guys haven’t fallen in love with Curry yet like the brits have! Although their ‘curry’ is ahem…light years away from what we have here 😛 We do have restaurant chains here that serve our local street food favourites – samosas and chaat and dosas and sweets etc…but i think they have enough business here and don’t feel the need to expand. Do you have a significant Indian population Up North?

      And just to add fire to those cooling embers I must tell you that KFC has introduced a wonderfully spicy rice with the Colonel’s chicken combo called Rice Bowl…which I absolutely adore 😉 What you need mon ami is an Indian friend who will feed you! Actually if you find a friend close by…the feeding should follow 😉

      1. I think the thing that shocks me most about not having Indian food options is that we live about four hours north of Detroit, which has a very sizable Indian population. The same cannot be said of Traverse City, though. In fact, I think it’s about 97% “white” here, though that includes a fair amount of cultures I was previously unexposed to in other places I’ve lived.
        About the only thing I find McDonald’s good for is their cheap menu while traveling – when I get a single cheeseburger and a McChicken. I actually don’t like their fries at all 😉 I haven’t been to a KFC in years, but I might be willing to try it if I could get that rice.
        Back to Indian food – which is far better than chain places – when Tony and I travel downstate, we always look up an Indian place to visit, and have found a couple favorites. I would love to compare some of the curries you eat to those that I do – and the ones I make!

      2. Will be fun! Meanwhile…this site should be be fun to explore for you…Sanjeev Kapoor is a big time celebrity Chef here and his recipes are pretty good…I have several of his books and have tried a few recipes…always turn out good. Here is the link http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com

        I don’t know how you guys are with spice levels…and I mean really spicy here. We tropicals love our heat!

      3. Going to go pore over that now! I’m not sure sure about heat. I always go for “medium,” because I’m aware of “you tropicals’ ” love for heat, but I can generally stand it warmer. As long as it doesn’t hurt. I don’t mind if it makes my nose run 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  2. How lovely to know what you cherish H 🙂 I’m loving your photography challenges so far because of the insights they give me into you….and you are one heck of a person. You keep it so real. Love you for that 🙂

    1. Aaaaaw…likewise M 🙂 I wish we could meet…I really do…the thought of being able to actually hug you makes me so happy! Have you thought of doing a challenge…I love your unique perspective when clicking…keep going back to Zanzibar and Sri Lanka 😀

      I wish you would do a recipe post too…am missing those from when we first met! Maybe a delish Biryani…for Heather and me 🙂

      1. Makes me happy too H!! 😀
        I thought about taking up a challenge, but I find myself too distracted by other things I have to do…hence the absence from fb. And I do think about recipe posts, but then I forget! There’s no dearth of ideas, just lack of resolve and commitment I think. But don’t despair! I just might surprise you one of these days 🙂 In the meantime, I’m happily enjoying friend blogs, and mustering up the will to read more books and watch more movies. I recommend ‘Enough Said’….just loved it!

  3. 😀 😀 Oooh…I ❤ surprises! Is that a book or a movie? Shall Google. Read Americanah M…it is a book that will stir your soul and knowing you as I think I do…I know you'll have definite opinions! Would love to discuss it with you 🙂

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